An adventure the captures the essence of the human spirit!

BLIND COURAGE is an epic adventure film that captures the human spirit and our desire to achieve the impossible.

BLIND COURAGE throws the audience into the legendary journey of Bill Irwin, the first and only blind man to thru-hike the 2,168 miles of the Appalachian Trail without GPS or human assistance. Bill was a recovering alcoholic with a severe eye disease and a reckless past. Together, with his Seeing Eye dog Orient, they trekked through snow, swam against rough river currents, and beat unthinkable odds for 2,168 miles. Much like the way Bill impacts well-wishers and naysayers on his hike, BLIND COURAGE will open eyes and reveal to audiences that meeting challenges and making a change for the better, begins with embracing the opposition and taking that first step.

Bill Irwin was a legend among the hiking community and his accomplishments continue to remain unchallenged!